The Label

COLLATE /kəˈleɪt/

  1. To collect and combine information
  2. To compare critically
  3. Bring order to or into

COLLATE THE LABEL is created out of a love for fashion and a penchant for good quality apparel. We want to encourage people to be curators of their own styles and be their own muses when it comes to pushing fashion’s parameters of versatility and creativity.

At the heart of COLLATE is the firm belief in respecting the passion we have in what we do, the good people we work with and quality pieces we make for our customers. Being shoppers ourselves, we understand the importance of a hassle-free experience, from browsing products to receiving the delivery. As a fresh label, we work hard to deliver a seamless and consistent end-to-end service to ensure your shopping experience is an easy and effortless one.

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